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Why did last weekend get "crazy" status, and how the marshals didn't actually go crazy and explode at a thousand little marshals!

Summer – perhaps, is the most active time for fighters of all skills and combat preferences. And Buhurt League is not an exception: every weekend in different parts of the world ardent HMB-supporters organize their tournaments, with entertainment and beautiful ladies. Sometimes events may intersect, and, for example, two or even three tournaments can take place at the same time. But this weekend eclipsed everything – Western and Eastern Europe presented SIX tournaments at once under the auspices of the Buhurt League, and all of them had the "Challenger" status, except the tournament in Germany, whose status was "Open". Some of them were also conducted profights under the aeis of WMFC. And for now it is an unprecedented occasion and a record number of HMB-events for one weekend!

So, without postponing, let's see the results of these tournaments, which took place on July 13.

Tournament of Visegrad, Visegrad, Hungary – Buhurt Challenger


1st place: Taurus UA (Ukraine and Israel)

2nd place: MFC Slezsko (Czech Republic)

3rd place: MFC Vysocina (Czech Republic)

3 Thuringian Championship, Tambach – Dietharz, Germany – Buhurt Open


1st place: Bear Paw (Russia)

2nd place: Decima 2 (Germany)

3rd place: Prague Trolls (Czech Republic)

Reval, Tallinn, Estonia – Buhurt Challenger and WMFC


1st place: Western Tower (Russia)

2nd place: Taurus UA (Ukraine)

3rd place: Warriors of Light (Ukraine)



1st place: Valeriya Magdenko (Ukraine)

2nd place: Alla Shovkoplyas (Ukraine)

3rd place: Lilia Tereshchenko (Ukraine)

4th place: Helene Maria Skovgaard (Estonia)


1st place: Vyacheslav Burygin (Russia)

2nd place: Kārlis Ūsiņš (Latvia)

3rd place: Jānis Piternieks (Latvia)

4th place: Jaan Murumets (Estonia)

Battle on Neva, Saint-Petersburg, Russia – Buhurt Challenger

5х5 men

1st place: Partizan (Russia)

2nd place: Old Friends (Russia)

3rd place: Bayard (Russia)

5х5 women

1st place: Iskra (Russia)

2nd place: Katyusha (Russia)

3rd place: Sarma (Russia)

Rus Druzhinnaya, Izhevsk, Russia – Buhurt Challenger


1st place: Hansa (Russia)

2nd place: Bear Cubs (Russia)

3rd place: KonGo (Russia)

Tournoi Saint Georges, Granges-Aumontzey, France – Buhurt Challenger and WMFC


1st place: Aquila Sequania (France)

2nd place: Martel (France)

3rd place: Diex Aïe (France)


Ivano Osella – Adrian Wade – did not take place, as Osella refused the fight because of an injury in the "fives"

Ronan Desgranges – Pavel Chautchenka

Sebastian Coors – Fabien Zufferey

A curious incident occurred with the team Bear Paw at the tournament in Germany. As the main prize for the first place among other things they were awarded with a heavy stone with the engraving of the tournament. Unfortunately, no one didn't agree to take this weighty award in his luggage and pay the additional weight, so they had to leave it at Motherland.

By the way, if you look closer at the results, you will notice that the Ukrainian club "Taurus" provided fighters to participate in two tournaments: in Hungary and Estonia. Another club that did the same was the "Warriors of Light", who came to Germany and Estonia. Probably, the thoughts of Ukrainian fighters worked in one direction: to take by quality and if it is impossible by quality, then by quantity! Here's how the captain of the "Warriors of Light" Grigory Chaploutskiy commented on the policy of his team: «The anniversary Battle of the Nations has ended. The next one will be not soon, and we have already been at the Dynamo Cup. So we need to set some new goals, so why not Monaco?! In addition, we are a little tired to travel to Ukraine, and thanks to the visa-free regime, travel to Europe have become much more easier and cheaper». The club "Taurus", most likely, has similar aspirations. Well, we wish good luck to persistent Ukrainian fighters! And not only Ukrainian, but all those who set a goal to reach the top ratings of Buhurt League and WMFC.

And do not forget that in the WMFC system the title fight took place only in light weight. So in the nearest future you can expect bright fights for a belt of the WMFC Champion in middle, heavy and super-heavy weight. As a result, it should be recalled that the procedure of changing the weight category by a fighter has been revised, and a new, but very important rule has been introduced:


This is to avoid unforeseen situations, for example, at the weigh-in or during the formation of the couples of fighters for profights. So, comrades bogatyrs, carefully monitor your weight and inform about the changes on time!

So, the weekend, that hit the whole world HMB-community, calmed down- in just two days there were six tournaments in Hungary, Germany, Estonia, France and Russia. The results of the changes in the tables of ratings you can see on the resources: Buhurt Leaguehttps://www.facebook.com/buhurtleague/, WMFC https://www.wmfc-knights.com/ratings.

But it is not the time to relax! We are waiting for the next weekend and the new tournaments, because WMFC and Buhurt League are doing everything possible and non-possible not to let fighters get bored, and their gambesons – to dry!

Written by: Maria Malakeeva

Photo: Buhurt LeagueVeronika Karavainikova

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