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Those who once came to HMB and firmly established themselves there, know what it is to stand on the front line shoulder to shoulder with their brothers in arms, repelling the rival's attacks. Now, when the fighters have to give up tournaments and training, some of them continue their fight, but only now - with the enemy who can not be stunned by a falchion or thrown over the side of the lists. They changed their armor for medical uniforms and formed up to protect our lives in this mad time of constant relentless attacks by an unknown rival named coronavirus.

We flew all over the world and found some of these warriors: Yuri Ishikiriyama, Javier Ruiz, Jakub Ladynski, Dimitri Thellier, Carlos Antonio Landeros Gallardo and Wojciech Gula, and we got them off work for a moment to get the latest news about the coronavirus and how they were fighting it.

Yuri Ishikiriyama (Brazil, team «Fire Gryphons»)

I am a dentist (a dental surgeon, specialist in advanced dentistry, implantology and periodontic) and also a volunteer to help fight the pandemic, as a health professional. We use our time to inform and assist people with doubts about isolation and daily care. The WHO (World Health Organization) reports that dentists have almost a 100% chance of becoming infected - for this reason, we follow several rules of individual protection and work only with emergencies and helping the population. So the service due to the pandemic dropped by 80%. One of the main changes due to the epidemic, were the stricter security rules and also volunteering: the government asked those available to be on standby to assist in fighting the pandemic, if necessary.

Javier Ruiz (Argentina, team «Yunque y Martillo»)

I am a doctor (specialty - General medicine) in a health center in Rosario (Argentina). I work in a consulting room where patients with fever and respiratory symptoms go. With time the logic of attention to the patients changed, we tried to avoid the spread between the sick of different pathologies. In this moment we are also dealing with a dengue outbreak. It displayed very clearly the incompatibility between the commercialization of the medicine and the health of the population, because we have a financial speculation with a shortage in hygiene supplies and protection here. Private health companies mainly have workers with illegal employment contracts. These contracts does not recognize social welfare of the doctors that get sick and in many instances there is no salary payments during the sickness. It is not by chance that in Argentina the health workers sector has one of the highest rate of infected employees in the world.

Jakub Ładyński (Poland, team «KS Rycerz»)

In Poland we have almost 19000 cases of infection, including over than 900 deaths. All districts of the country have own hospitals with proper specialization in case of coronavirus. My hospital also is affected of dealing with Covid, inside a specific rules apply: control of temperature before entering the object, special questionnaire during registration, mask on a patient face during medical examination and many others. My department is not working normally right now: we make only acute and important operations, and I work also on duties on urgence care. My speciality is Neurosurgery, and we have bigger chances to get Covid at work, than my colleagues.

Dimitri Thellier (France, team «Limousin Béhourd»)

I'm confined at home since one month. My region in the center of France is not overwhelmed by the epidemic, so I was kept in reserve if the situation worsen. Now I mostly work remotely from home for medical research and to prepare ranking exams for my residency. Yes, I work from home, and I have less personal risks of being infected, but I fear for my close ones, my family and friends, who are on the front line working especially in hospitals and healthcare structures. Most of time when I speak with my colleagues our discussion is that this epidemic political gestion is a real mess. We don't know what can happen tomorrow, even if we have more accurate informations than global media, I think. So now I'm helping international colleagues with coronavirus related medical researches. My residency speciality will be Public health, and I'm already specialised in research in neurosciences. I also keep a volunteering activity in wilderness emergency care (which helps a lot of my buhurt teammates next to the list).

Carlos Landeros (Mexico, team «The Company Of The Rage Foxes»)

At this time I have not contact with propre with coronavirus. My specialty is Rehabilitation medicine. And even though I am currently retired, I am supporting the Rehabilitation hospital where I work. We are training on the management of infected patients if it is necessary to support the doctors who are treating them. All the recommendations of the experts are being followed and we hope to have a good result.

Wojciech Gula (Poland, team «SIEROTKI»)

I am an Anesthesiologist and there were no cases of Covid-19 in my hospital yet. There were few suspected patients but so far everyone were false alarms. We are prepared for virus treatment as good as possible: we have isolated rooms for sick people, secure wear for personnel, drugs etc... but still only waiting... There's no planned operations so we work less and hospital is also closed for visitors (families of patients).


Let's wish these fighters of the invisible front excellent health and a certain amount of luck, so as not to face this world infection! And if you are one of them, tell the world in the comments of this article your story about fighting this enemy, who has far more than two red cards on his account, and who has long been subject to categorical disqualification from the battlefield Earth!

Written by: Maria Malakeeva

Photos provided: Cover for article: https://publizist.ru/blogs/110401/35572/ Photo for article: fighters & Buhurt League

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