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Let's find out everything about this, perhaps, the most unusual tournament in Western Europe and who was the first "victim" of the brutal bloody regime of the Authentic Committee!


In the known Universe, perhaps, there is no any single corner where some tournaments under the auspices of the Buhurt League didn't happen, that generously offering events for fighters of the most diverse level of training. In addition to the guiding star of all men's “fives” – an elite tournament Buhurt Prime, which is the final one of the season and determines the Buhurt League champion for the coming year, there are small cozy Challenger, more serious Open and two grandiose Masters: “Kening Striid” and “Dynamo Cup”. Usually, on the tournaments, that have status Masters, acceptance of applications ends very quickly, because the opponents will fight for a ticket to Buhurt Prime!

The first of the two tournaments of the season – "Kening Striid" – will be held very soon in the Netherlands: August 17-18, and will give a chance to meet the world's leading “fives” from Russia, Ukraine, UK, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Among others, the tournament will be attended by nine of the ten top teams of the Buhurt League rating: "Aquila Sequania", "Partizan", KS "Rycerz", "Prague Trolls", "Martel", "White company", "Carcas-Sonne", "Taurus" (UA) and Team "BSK". If the leaders of the rating "Old Friends" would also come, there would have been a full set of the top-10 according to Buhurt League!

At the moment, 25 men's and 8 women's teams have been registered. There are only five places left! If your team is still waiting for some sign – here it is!


Of course, it’s an unforgettable venue! Many fighters from last year remember the magic Vijversburg Park and the neighborhood of the festival “Imaginarium”, a truly unusual place for unusual people.

“Kening Striid” is located on the farthest field of the Park. Romantic paths, spacious meadows, ponds for fishing — at the disposal of the participants there will be everything you can imagine for the most pleasant pastime for two days of the tournament.

As for the program of fightings, in addition to the basic 5x5 category there will be one smaaaaaaaall surprise. Since the Battle of the Nations the thought of the “big battalions” kept organizers up! They were excited about it and, in the end, decided to repeat the experience of Serbia, recreating the battle for the flags 150x150. The scale of the Battle of the Nations, of course, is not expected, but in the hearts of the audience and participants this great action will be imprinted forever, and the name of "Kening Striid" will go down in the history of the Great War.


Do you know where the idea of this tournament came from? In 2016, when HMB first appeared in the Netherlands, the Dutch club "Ascia" together with the German Friesian club "Ramstäk-Frisia" held presented duel category at that festival "Imaginarium", where the organizers of the tournament Esther Veldstra and Bert Wielstra became friends. And already in 2017, the first “Kening Striid” took place, it was attended by only eight male and four female teams for fights in the category of 3x3. But there was an extensive program of dueling fightings, from what this year, unfortunately, they had to give up, because there are too many teams declared in the buhurt nomination, and the schedule just did not have time for single ones.

The name "Kening striid" in Frisian means "Royale battle". The organizers of the event initially wanted to use the language of a small nationality, which is spoken in that part of the Netherlands where they both live. Frisia has a bright culture and rich history, and they coincided vision of the concept: representatives of the nobility, leading a fierce struggle for power. So they came up to the idea of the main slogan and hashtag of the tournament — "Who will rule?", and then to the crown as an honorary award, which is given to the winners!


Perhaps one of the main distinguishing features of the tournaments of status Masters is that the requirements for the weaponry of fighters are as serious as at the world Championship Battle of the Nations. These requirements and regulations declared by HMBIA, written not yesterday, have long been published on various resources in the public domain (about a month before the official registration on “Kening Striid”!) and studied far and wide by all fighters wishing to participate in the projects of this organization. But, unfortunately, there are those who try to dictate their own conditions to the organizers.

We all know about the long and passionate love of Ukrainian fighters to the Griffin helmets, prohibited by the official rules of HMBIA as having no historical analogues. These helmets also became a stumbling block for fighters of club “Ayna Bera” who flatly refused to change or to remake them. And since this type of helmet was used by the participants of 5 male and 1 female teams of the club “Ayna Bera”, who applied for “Kening Striid”, they decided to refuse the participation in the tournament.

Club captain Aleksey Lyalyushko said on his Facebook page that after receiving applications "... additional conditions for the helmets have been put forward. We will not join the Buhurt League and change our helmets..." This statement received a huge resonance from the HMB-public, the main direction of which can be roughly designated as "the official requirement about griffins has long been declared, and the reluctance to follow the rules does not relieve from responsibility!» Buhurt League has expressed its official opinion on this matter: «The club "Ayna Bera" officially refused to follow the rules of Authentic Committee of HMBIA. The club, who considers, that people must show flexibility and make exceptions to the rules for them, was officially denied their requirements, but not in the participation in the tournament in general».

As a result of all of the stated, the club “Ayna Bera” withdrew the applications of 6 teams. And here is the official position of the tournament organizers in the person of Esther Veldstra: «"Kening Striid" has been held under the auspices of the Buhurt League since its inception. In 2018, it had the status Open. At the summit new rules of authenticity were announced, and on December 1 the tournament was announced as Buhurt Masters, which means that the rules of authenticity must be strictly observed. Registration opened on February 27, the club “Ayna Bera” registered on March 1, i.e. a few months after the publication of the rules of authenticity and the announcement for the tournament of the status Masters! In June, one of the "Ayna Bera" fighters provided his photos for authenticity verification and subsequently received recommendations how to modify his helmet so that it would pass the authenticity commission. After that, Aleksey Lyalyushko removed all the applications of “Ayna Bera” from the tournament. We are pleased to welcome at the tournament all the fighters who follow the rules provided by HMBIA and Buhurt League».

It is noteworthy that four teams from Ukraine has also signed up for the tournament: “Knyaz”, “Taurus”, “Warriors of Light” and “Buhurttech”, but only only from “Ayna Bera” the problems has arisen! Here's the comments of this situation by the captain of the "Warriors of Light" Grigory Chaploutskiy: «They just refused to remake the helmets griffins by the new requirements of authenticity. The official instruction for the helmet modefication was given by the Authentic Committee of HMBIA — it remained only to follow it, because there is really nothing complicated. As the captain of the team “Warriors of Light”, I am very glad that slots for applications were released – because we got the opportunity to participate in this tournament! On the other hand, it is minus-one strong opponent, which is not good».

If you look at the conflict in detail, it becomes clear that it is, in fact, made of cardboard and became a logical continuation of the boycott, announced by the "Ayna Bera” to the HMBIA organization, and at the same time the attempt of this club to indirectly promote the IMCF system.

And by the way, let's say "thanks" to the generous Ukrainians for the fact that many teams suddenly have got a great opportunity to participate in the “Kening Striid”, because the acceptance of applications had been closed a long time ago due to the lack of free slots at the tournament, and after the removal of 5 male teams of the club “Ayna Bera” the organizers announced that the reception is open again! As they say, the Holy place is never empty – and there is no doubt that these free 5 slots will fill up very quickly.

So, we have analyzed the problem, having voiced the official opinions of the parties and covered all the necessary technical nuances. In turn, we wish the tournament to thunder all over the world, leaving an indelible mark in the annals of Buhurt League. And we advise the teams, who are still only thinking about participation, to drop everything and urgently apply, because the next opportunity (and last in the season!) to get to the Buhurt League event of this scale will be only in November at the “Dynamo Cup”, but that's quite another story…

Written by: Maria Malakeeva

Photo: Goldielocks cosplay, KS Rycerz, Kening Striid, Ayna Bera.

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