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[ENG] Profights at the World Championship

Обновлено: 25 июня 2019 г.

Already last year at the Battle of the Nations the profights of the WMFC League appeared like a new nomination of the championship. Of course, this is one of the most entertaining and exciting single nominations. Here, hits with a shield, wrestling (except for suffocating and painful holds), as well as knocking down a fallen opponent in the ground are allowed.

You can learn more about the rules of this category, weapon criterias, points scoring system and fighters rating on the League website: https://www.wmfc-knights.com/

Representatives of 26 countries applied for this Battle of the Nations, which once again showed how professional fights are in demand among the fighters and are interesting for the audience. Indeed, in the viewer ranks of passions was a little less than on the lists.

Among the countries whose representatives fought for the first time in professional fights this year were applications from Brazil, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Belarus, China, Norway.

Surely, you will be interested to know how many sportsmen from different countries came out to fight for the title of the best fighter in their weight category.


Lightweight (up to 75 kg) - 15 persons.

Middle weight (75-85 kg) - 21 person.

Heavy weight (85-95 kg) - 14 persons.

Super heavy weight (over 95 kg) - 13 person.

Women (absolute) - 14 persons.

And today we decided to ask the chief judge of the WMFC professional fights and the referee of the competition - Ivan Vasiliev. a few questions about the preparation.

- Hello, Ivan. The fights under the auspices of the WMFC appeared at the Battle of the Nations last year. Could you tell us, when and where did this nomination appear at the very beginning? After all, it’s not for nothing that this format was chosen for the World Championship: all nominations of WMFC professional fights have already recommended themselves well in Russia for many years.

IV.: - If we talk about "professional fights" in general, that is about historical medieval battles 1x1, where hand-to-hand fighting and wrestling are allowed, and there is a free choice of weapons, we began to conduct them in Russia already in 2008, even before the appearance of the WMFC League. If we talk specifically about the tournament format of the “Donjon Cup”, the rules of which were basically taken for the nomination of professional fights at the Battle of the Nations, then the first such tournament was organized by me in 2015. And for 4 years since then, the 21st stage of the Cup was held in different cities and regions.

- In your opinion, how familiar is this nomination to foreign athletes?

IV: - Now professional fights are gaining popularity everywhere, where they generally know what HMB is. Of course, their training can be very different from country to country and depends on number of fighters, and the level of, but for all the leading countries seriously involved in medieval battles, professional fights are a familiar nomination.

- Please, tell us about the system of professional fights: about the qualifying stages and finals, the number and duration of the rounds, how was the schedule planned? (on the flight, according to the Olympic system, each with each?)

IV: - The schedule options always depend on the total number of fighters in each category, so the schedule became known only after the deadline for accepting applications on April 16. As for the duration and number of rounds, then everything went unchanged from last year - 2 rounds of 90 seconds with a break of 45 seconds. In the case of a tie in these two rounds, additional rounds of 45 seconds are appointed. Such additional rounds can be no more than 3.

- We know that applications for a female nomination are open at every stage of the Donjon Cup. If the number of applicants is three or more participants, the nomination will be. Contract profights under the auspices of the WMFC and professional fights of the Donjon Cup are quite popular in Russia. European countries have picked up the sport relay and, if there are participants, willingly organize women's professional fights. However, a landmark event was what we all so long and eagerly waited for: the appearance of a female nomination at the World Championship. Ivan, as an organizer and trainer how do you see differences and, on the contrary, the similarity in female professional fights compared to men's? In the picture of the fight, in the preparation of sportsmen? In your opinion, how important was the introduction of women's professional fights for Historical Medieval Fight as a sport?

IV: - Of course, the introduction of female nomination for BotN is an extremely important step. Moreover, it is inevitable, since we are seriously planning to develop this area of ​​HMB. Now the training of many women fighters has already reached the level when their fights in terms of entertainment and passions are surpassing many of men.

Our editorial board thanks Ivan Vasilyev for the detailed answers and reminds you, dear readers, how the places were distributed:

Light weight (up to 75 kg):

Gold - Vyacheslav Levakov (Russia),

Silver - Mykola Shalimov (Ukraine),

Bronze - Anatoly Yushan (Moldova).

Middle weight (75-85 kg):

Gold - Alexander Nadezhdin (Russia),

Silver - Lukasz Koval (UK),

Bronze - Maxim Skorikov (Belarus).

Heavy weight (85-95 kg):

Gold - Ilya Dragan (Moldova),

Silver - Sebastian Course (Germany),

Bronze - Maxim Slavchenko (Russia).

Super Heavy weight (over 95 kg):

Gold - Alexey Petrik (Russia),

Silver - Lukasz Wojciechowski (Poland),

Bronze - Artem Semenenko (Moldova).

Women fought without division into weight categories, and the results were as follows:

Gold - Anastasia Meshcheryakova (Russia),

Silver - Irina Rogozovsky (Israel),

Bronze - Melanie Grass (Germany).

Anastasia Meshcheryakova, a representative of the "Bern" club, who is training under Alexander Nadezhdin in the Higher HMB School in Moscow, repeatedly won Russian tournaments, took silver in triathlon and gold in professional fights.

- Hello, Anastasia! In the triathlon long sword, you got a fracture of your right hand finger. And you continued the final of the triathlon and also brilliantly played a decisive fight in the professional fights with Irina Rogozovsky. You have repeatedly met with Irina on the lists last year, leaving behind a confident victory over a strong opponent. Almost everyone, including the trainer, was dissuaded from this fight. Tell us, please, how did you make this decision? Not every male fighter is able to show such will and, importantly, to win.

A.M .: - The decision was not difficult, in fact. Well, if you are a fighter of the Russian national team, then fight to the last. So the alternatives were not even considered by me :).

-How much time do you spend on training? Are there any features of the training process? How often do you spar in armor? Do you devote time to any related sports, martial arts, power loads?

A.M .: - Now I am mainly engaged in the Higher HMB School in Moscow under the leadership of Alexander Nadezhdin and Evgeny Gladkov. I also try to set aside time for crossfit training. The intensity of training before major tournaments, of course, higher. In the intervals between competitions in quiet mode, 5-6 times a week. No, sparring rarely in full armor, mostly all training in soft gear. When there is a little time and effort, I get to the horse sport base. But this is so, for the soul only.

- We heartily congratulate you on these victories and wish a speedy recovery from injury. From the height of your sports experience, say a few words of farewell to beginner fighters?

A.M .: - I am not a master of giving wise instructions :) But, based on my little experience, I can say the following: train with those who are stronger than you. And never give up.

And in conclusion, it is worth adding that great victories are achieved by long and painstaking work. Not only master blacksmith, his horn and hammer take part in creating a beautiful blade! But also all who support the fire in this horn participate too.

Thanks to our most organized and disciplined fans and to everyone who was fan cheering, not looking up from the monitors!

After all, the best team in the world has the most reliable rear!

And of course, our fan t-shirts can still be purchased in our shop!

Let it be immediately noticeable for whom you support!

Photo by: Courage of the Ages, WMFC, Max Voshchanov, Andrei Rants, Julia Kuznetsova, Julia Sverchkova.

Written by: Tatiana Derbeneva.

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