• Denis Medvedev

Anniversary Battle of the Nations or Serbian Flashbacks

Serbia opened its kind and warm embrace to let go home participants and spectators of the anniversary Battle of the Nations. Like any romantic girl, mistress of the Championship was shone with happiness to receive the magic of the Middle Ages in its land, lavishly bathing everyone in sunlight and warmth, and then long and inconsolably mourned the departure of great knights, literally washing them away with streams of her tears. And now, when after a long road all the armory is finally cleaned, it's time to remember and capture in our chronicle all the miracles that came into contact with the guests of the World Championship Battle of the Nations-2019.

This year, everyone was looking forward to new nominations: whether they will justify themselves, whether the fighters and the audience will like them. The public definitely liked new categories of fights 12x12 and 30x30! In «twelve» the gold was won by Russia, silver – Great Britain, bronze – Belarus. In the «thirty» gold also went to Russia, but the UK received only bronze, because Ukraine categorically refused to give silver. Rapid battles 12x12 are more suitable for fans of speed and explosive power, and powerful and monumental 30x30 brings the tactics and clarity of execution of maneuvers to the fore, one step closer them to the epic battles 150x150.

As for «big battalions», they simply have blew up tribunes and burned the last remains of forces, nerves and vocal cords of all present! The fighters who didn't join the National Teams of the countries-participants of banners or who didn't fight in mass nominations 12x12 and 30x30 in the previous two days for any reasons, was rushing to fight with mad impatience! It should be noted, that most of the participants of these megabattles have never participated in such actions before, and therefore were very nervous and expected uncontrolled chaos, human landfill, just everything, excepting clear constructions, coordinated actions and virtuoso strategic and tactical decisions of the captains of the banners. It was a real art of Great War! Two Alliances of banners met in fight four times, and as a result of hot fights the winner was... friendship! And there was no any taste of defeat – only a mad adrenaline in the blood, pure joy to be part of the Great War and at the same time – the lack of serious injuries as an indicator of the fairplay of fighters, their neatness, care, professionalism and respect to each other.

Classic men «fives», in which, it would seem, nothing foretold unexpectedness, made the foundations shattered and to look at the UK and main HMB-Englishman Pawel Kurzak (which, by the way, received the title of «Best fighter of the Championship» at the Battle of the Nations this year) is a completely new way. The five «White Company» succeeded in something that anyone have not been able to do before: to gnaw with teeth not the round, but the entire fight(!) with the top team Russia-1! Well, it should be noted that the skill of the British is growing exponentially – we wish them not to stop there! This year they took an honorable third place, losing to Russia-1 (gold) and Russia-3 (silver).

In turn, in women's fights 5x5 Team Finland surprised everyone and forced to be fidgety fairly, literally soaring into second place of the pedestal and earning the silver. The first place remained for the Russian Team, whose captain, Svetlana Fedorova, was recognized as «The Best fighter of the Championship among women». Bronze went to Ukraine.

Now let's go to the world of duel nominations of the Championship. In men's nomination «Sword and Shield» places were distributed as follows: gold – Aleksey Petrik (Russia), silver – Marcin Waszkielis (Poland), bronze – Lukasz Kowal (UK). «Sword and Buckler»: gold – Ilya Ivanov (Russia), silver – Grygory Chaploutsky (Ukraine), bronze – Theofil Masnicak (UK). «Longsword»: gold – Sergey Ukolov (Russia), silver – Oleksandr Vasilinich (Ukraine), bronze – Vladimir Maksimenko (Latvia). «Polearm»: gold – Yaroslav Rusanov (Russia), silver – Michał Bednarski (Poland), bronze – Lu Kang (USA). In the nomination «Triathlon» the pedestal became completely Russian: gold – Aleksey Petrik, silver – Sergey Ukolov, bronze – Ilya Ivanov.

In women's nomination «Sword and Shield» gold went to Alina Lappo (Russia), silver – to Agnieszka Lasota (Poland), bronze – to Melanie Grass (Germany). «Sword and Buckler»: gold – Maria Davydova (Russia), silver – Aleksandra Soloschenko (Kazakhstan), bronze – Aleksandra Sokolskyh (Ukraine). «Longsword»: gold – Anastasiya Mescheryakova (Russia), silver – Olga Grabovskaya (Ukraine), bronze – Sigrid Karlsson (Sweden). «Polearm»: gold – Olga Grabovskaya (Ukraine), silver – Alina Abdullayeva (Russia), bronze – Maja Celińska (USA). In women's nomination «Triathlon», as well as in men's, there was total domination of Russians: gold – Alina Lappo, silver – Anastasiya Mescheryakova, bronze – Maria Davydova.

More violent single fighters, who prefer hard martial arts techniques to jewelry fencing technique, chose the nomination Profights and appropriate weight category. So…

Light weight (up to 75 kg): gold – Viacheslav Levakov (Russia), silver – Mykola Shalimov (Ukraine), bronze – Anatolii Iushan (Moldova).

Middle weight (75-85 kg): gold – Aleksandr Nadezhdin (Russia), silver – Lukasz Kowal (UK), bronze – Maksim Skoryakau (Belarus).

Heavy weight (85-95 kg): gold – Ilia Dragan (Moldova), silver – Sebastian Coors (Germany), bronze – Maksim Slavchenko (Russia).

Superheavy weight (over 95 kg): gold – Aleksey Petrik (Russia), silver – Łukasz Wojciechowski (Poland), bronze – Artyom Semenenko (Moldova).

Women fought without division to weight categories, and the results were as follows: gold – Anastasiya Mescheryakova (Russia), silver – Irina Rogozovsky (Israel), bronze – Melanie Grass (Germany).

Total medal standings of the Championship:

  1. Russia – 17 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze

  2. Ukraine – 1 gold, 5 silver, 2 bronze

  3. Moldova – 1 gold, 2 bronze

  4. Poland – 4 silver, 1 bronze

  5. UK – 2 silver, 4 bronze

  6. Germany – 1 silver, 2 bronze

  7. Kazakhstan, Finland, Israel – 1 silver each

  8. Belarus – 2 bronze

  9. Sweden, Latvia, China – 1 bronze each.

But to our valiant women it was not enough, and they declared the desire to fight in their battle "All vs all"! Of course, 150x150 was not typed, but despite the usually low turnout of the fair sex in mass battles, captains Joe Booth and Hannah Hudson managed to unite women in two big teams: the first alliance (captain Joe Booth) – UK, Ukraine, Sweden, Serbia, Poland and France, the second alliance (captain Hannah Hudson) – USA, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Netherlands. This battle was the largest for women in the whole history of Battle of the Nations. The hardest three rounds in the result led the team under the leadership of Joe Booth to win.

In addition to professional fights on the main lists, the audience and participants were offered an experimental area of fights in full armor, which was although very small, but its beauty could outshine any of the historical camps of the Championship. It was arranged by the organizers and members of the Brotherhood of Archangel Michael (Sergey and Ilja Frolov, Leonid Manevich, Alexey Sazonov, Roman Fedin, Anna Mishina, Alina Abdullayeva and Olga Misheneva), and their guests-rivals were three representatives of the United States – Brad Schaive, Alex Cooley and Robert Roach. The results of the tournaments were distributed as follows: in the fights on the Poleaxes the winner was Schaive (by the way, the US champion in the Longsword!), in the category "Ax and rondash" Fedin Roman won, in "Two-handed Sword" – Sergey Frolov, in "Longsword" – Ilya Frolov, in the category "Spear" – Leonid Manevich.

In turn, the Authentic Committee, in addition to the maximum severity in checking the armory of fighters, also held competitions in non-combat categories:

Best individual authentic armor: Martin Elberse (Netherlands);

Best Team armor: Belarus;

Best authentic men's suit: Paddy Show (USA);

Best authentic women's suit: Darja Morgulis (Israel);

Best medieval camp: Ukraine.