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Did for Lukasz Kowal – the current holder of the title of world Champion in the Middleweight division, his Israeli rival become a tough nut to crack? Let's get everything out of him (including the super-secret secret of the amazing fighting growth of his team “White Company”)!

Everyone who was lucky enough to meet Lukasz Kowal at the Zaraysk Warrior's Gathering could see his wide-open eyes and surprised look, which he looked at everything that surrounded him. Whether it has been caused by roleplaying game that took place on the other side of the river, or by the merciless heat, roasted everyone not worse than the bulls on a spit, or maybe he was struck by the vast spaces, such usual to the Russian eye?

And what if he's just not used to traveling without a team and felt lonely? Let's find out what was for Lukasz his victory in the title fight for the Champion Belt in the harsh Gardarika land!

– First of all, we heartily congratulate you on a well-deserved victory and a new serious title, which you added to your thrift-box! Now, tell us everything! When did you find out of the Belts and title fights in HMB?

Thanks! I think it was a while ago. I saw the photo of a Belt of the Champion in light weight published on WMFC Knights resources, and hoped that similar fights will be presented in other weight categories. This definitely gives a nice structure beyond the ratings themselves.

– When did you get the invitation to the title fight? Did you dream about the Belt or did you not even think about it?

I would not imagine that I will own one of this Belts! When I received an invitation for the title fight, I thought I will pass out right now. Up to date I had little success in the sport, but that opportunity would be the biggest achievement by far. Initially the event meant to take place in February, but sadly I fractured my hand in a profight two weeks before the title fight... so you could imagine my (and other people) disappointment/frustration. I was ecstatic when the fight was offered again. I knew about the fight two months in advance which gave me enough time to prepare, especially straight after Battle of the Nations.

– Tell us about the fight itself: whether expectations were met? What was the most difficult?

I faced Mikhail Morgulis few times before and to tell the truth you can never tell what he will bring to the table, as he is a very natural fighter. From all our previous fights this one was the most difficult. I think score would be closer if not Misha's bad luck (he lost his weapon and had few armour failures). On my opinion, the most difficult part for both of us was the weather, as it was the heat like in the hell!

– How do you assess your opponent? Was he easy for you?

Misha is very formidable rival. Luckily this time I felt 100% both physically and mentally. If I were not well prepared before the fight and focused during it, then victory could have been on his side. Misha does not give up and always pushes forward no matter what. Was he easy? Definitely not, but I think I am quite versatile developed, so I can control fight well in both fencing and wrestling.

– What do you particularly remember from Zaraysk Warrior's Gathering?

Number 1 - THE HEAT! Atmosphere was great both from the public and the fighters. Spectators really enjoyed the fights and it was impressive for me to see so many people, considering the event was at the end of the world. I hope to return in the future.

– You took the Belt to England. What do you think, will you be left alone or there will be a crowd of applicants trying to take away your title?)

Luckily there is a lot of fighters in the middleweight class so I hope for a lot of challengers. I like to stay busy. At the moment I am injury free and ready to fight any time!

– Did you prepare for the fight in some specifically way or were the trainings and the regime usual?

I placed the training regime both in a gym and at "White Company" trainings. To be honest I was very happy to fight someone my size. Usual at the training I always fight teammates that weight 95+ kg, as I am one of the smallest guys of the team. I try to train every day, but the most important is to stay injury free. If I wake up in the morning and feel exhausted or something hurts, then I just spend time on stretching and recovery which is as important as training. I have special conditioning regime to prepare me for the fight and to stay injury free, but with each fight I also want to get better and more conditioned. Prior to the title fight I had a profights in France and Poland, but sadly only 3 rounds to 2 min, which are not the same.

– And how are the usual trainings of “White Company” pass?

I will not dive into details ;-) Usual training takes 4 to 5 hours and consistes of 1x1 training followed by group fight training. We like to finish with everyone’s favourite “the circle of death”!

– “The circle of death”?! Is it such a special surprise for the rivals?

Oh, this is the secret training technique, which we heavily really on! Details cannot be shared :D

– What do you think is the secret of such a phenomenal breakthrough in the team's achievements?

I think everyone in our team wants to improve in every aspect of the sport. As people improve, each next training becomes harder and harder. We are very happy to attend tournaments, as there we don’t have to fight each other. Attending a lot of tournaments adds up battletime experience. Every fighter of the team is committed to the cause. We can achieve greatness only when working together.

– What do you expect from “Kening Striid”?

We aim to win. Our group is very tough, and the very first task is to win the group. After you exit the group the next fight might be your last, so you should not plan how well you do in the final – just focus on the next fight as it can be your last. We are always super-excited to fight the strongest teams in the world. If you don’t face the best you will never improve. I always say you either win or learn. If you don’t learn you just waste your time.

– Your wishes to those fighters who will risk to challenge you for the right of possession of a title and a Belt.

Well, I promise to bring better version of myself to the next fight and I expect nothing less from my rivals. Just telling you: it will take a loooooooooooot to take it off me and I hope many will try!


And no one has any doubt that this will not be an easy task. After all, this talented Polish Englishman (or English Pole :-)) will do everything possible and impossible to keep for himself the title of world Champion as long as possible!

Written by: Maria Malakeeva

Photo by: Evgeny Bogdan, Veronika Karavainikova, Vladimir Shtainer

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