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The whole world watches their fights with a sinking heart. Their duels are expected like manna from heaven. Their every battle is a work of martial arts by a recognized author. They are world-famous professional fighters, and there is an army of admirers behind each of them.

Tell us, how often do you go through the videos of highly memorable profights? Do you study your opponent’s reactions by videos while preparing for a fight with him? Do you use them as canons for coaching young people? Or do you just endlessly go through the matches of your favorite fighter?

We have prepared a surprise for you! We’ve found videos of the ten most spectacular and exciting (as we think) profights according to WMFC and arranged them into a some kind of a textbook for young fighters what they should and what they shouldn’t do.

Chapter 1. How to throw an opponent over the tiltyard

Vitaly Gryzlov – Ivan Varenikov (2012, «Bern versus Everybody»)

10 seconds exactly – this is for how long the rivals circled and evaluated each other. You wouldn’t not see these fighters inactive for a second anymore! Frenzied hits of the falchion and the shield (which, as everyone knows, is a second weapon for Vitaly) are interspersed with kicks and headlocks. Ivan meets a thrust, but at the very moment it becomes clear that Gryzlov managed to impose his tactics and rhythm of the fight on him. Vitaly is constantly pushing forward. Ivan tries to exploit his advantage - his height and leg length, but Vitaly relentlessly reduces the distance and presses the opponent's head. Realizing that in the clinches Gryzlov is head and shoulders above, Varenikov does not move away from the tiltyard boards during the second part of the fight, and sometimes even leans on them. If you don't want to leave your position, then don't! Vitaly takes advantage of this and tries to throw him over the tiltyard. Generously showering the rival with hits from head to toe, Gryzlov goes to the intended goal, and Ivan gives up positions one after another. And so with a light push to the chest and the head Gryzlov throws Varenikov over the tiltyard! By the end of the second round, it seems that Vitaly has just entered the fight, and a bulldozer has already run over Ivan. In the third round, having sensibly assessed his own strength, Ivan stops the fight, and Vitaly earns an early victory and, as is his custom, pleases the audience with his famous break-dance in armor.

CHAPTER 2. How to fight in a small tiltyard and throw the opponent with a full breakaway

Artyom Goryunov – Maxim Naizov (2017, a series of fights in the GRENADIN club)

Pay your attention immediately to a very small tiltyard, that gives much less freedom than the standard one, to which fighters are used to. Naizov chooses the tactics of classical fencing – will it be possible to impose it on a well-known wrestle lover? The roundhouse kick was an answer: no, standards and cliches are not for Goryunov, who immediately «gets... legsy». A strike with almost straight leg to the... Naizov's head serves as the beginning of a sharp attack of Goryunov and the transition to the fight near the tiltyard boards, which ends with Naizov’s takedown performed by Artyom. And in the second round, we witnessed the first and so far the only in the history of profights throw of the opponent with a FULL BREAKAWAY: lifting Naizov in his arms, Goryunov throws him on the grounds, falling with all his weight from above! It is unclear why Artyom was not allowed to finish off the lying opponent, although he freed the weapon and stood up. The judge separates them. And immediately another clinch begins, and now Naizov overturns Goryunov, and his finishing off isn't stopped. Clinches go one by one. Realizing that the rival will fence better at a long distance, Artyom forces Maxim again to wrestle. The rivals generously throw each other on the ground, with and without finishing off. As a result of three fierce and beautiful rounds Maxim Naizov wins. But what was a throw!..

CHAPTER 3. How the shorter, but the nimbler opponent can win against the taller one

Ivan Vasilyev – Yuri Samoylov (2013, «Knight's Valor»)

A height difference of the fighters catches the eye immediately. Samoylov fences and hits his rival more often due to the length of the arms and longer weapons. But Ivan is managing to hit Yuri to the body with his legs, besides that he is working much more actively with the shield. While Vasilyev works beautifully with his legs, Samoylov continues to pour twos and single strikes. And, although Yuri received excellent chances to go clinching and to use the advantage in height several times, he did not realize them. Ivan's technique is a lot more diverse and rich. Even the active attack of Samoylov and pressing Vasilyev to the tiltyard boards ends with a couple of hits and a retreat. By the end of the fight, it seems that both fighters are not tired at all. Ivan jumps in the arena, in beautiful pirouettes moves away from Yuri's strikes and actively attacks. Samoylov's hits, on the contrary, slow down. And if Yuri led in the first round, then the second and the third, as well as the victory, go to Ivan Vasilyev!

CHAPTER 4. How to move to the WMFC ProLeague

Vsevolod Vlasov – Michael Morgulis (2019, «WARRIOR»)

This duel was some kind of exam for Vlasov to move from the top of FirstClass rating to ProLeague. At the very beginning of the fight, Morgulis declares his "rule of force" and throws Vlasov, but Vsevolod does not allow himself to be finished off, clinging to Michael with everything he can. The Russian demonstrates the obvious fencing technique, his native club "Bayard" is famous for, while the Israeli uses the techniques of the good old hard buhurts. In the second round, Vsevolod decides to take a page from Michael’s book and after only 20 seconds from the start makes a throw, trying to finish him off... with his legs taking a running start, since his hands are firmly held by his rival. In a few seconds, Vsevolod moves around Michael’s back, who tries to throw off the opponent, but as a result, the Russian grabs Morgulis and makes a stunning suplex, instantly ending up on top! Right after this, the obviously angry Israeli throws Vlasov. In the third round, Michael makes a throw of Vlasov, but who was in the dominant position as a result is unclear, but the fighters performed a lot of tumbles. Now the clinches are coming in sequence. Michael works perfectly with his legs. At the very end of the fight Vsevolod conducts a savory throw of the opponent, landing on top of him in a jump. As a result of three rounds Vlasov wins the victory and the right to fight in ProLeague among the best profighters of the world!

CHAPTER 5. The one who does not stop at fencing and adds wrestling, wins in the fight of two professional fencers

Alexander Nadezhdin – Robert Szatecki (2016, «Valor and Honor»)

From the first seconds of the fight, a deadly dance of two professionals, two Teachers, two representatives of completely different schools of fencing began. At the very beginning of the first round, Robert throws Alexander. Next, Nadezhdin tries to overcome Szatecki with his fencing, but this is a dead-end story: the Pole is lighter and more technical. Finally, Alexander understands this and decides to take advantage of the weight, starting to press Robert to the boards of the tiltyard, at the same time clicking on his legs. Alexander constantly tries to take Robert's head, but he masterfully turns out to initiate another clinch after a few seconds of rest. In the third round, Robert's series of strikes become less frequent, but longer. At some point, Nadezhdin gets tired of this, he begins to press Szatecki near the borders, but the rival quickly turns out. Alexander responds to Robert's strikes with locks. Suddenly we hear: "Fifteen seconds to the end of the fight!", and the opponents rush at each other. The judge has to separate them at some point – the fight time is up. But it does not mean that the fight is over! The Russian and the Pole are neck and neck, the score is equal, an additional minute and a half round is assigned. In fact, the fighters start the fight with a clean slate. Realizing that a minute and a half is nothing, the rivals try to give their best, and each of them continues to impose his own: Nadezhdin – clinches and headlocks, Szatecki – a fierce fencing. And the match memorably ends with the fall of both fighters. During this minute and a half, Alexander Nadezhdin snatched the victory with his teeth!

CHAPTER 6. A superheavy-weight can flitter like a butterfly

Krzysztof Szatecki – Maxim Naizov (2016, «Valor and Honor»)

It was a fight of fast-moving superheavy-weight fencers. The first half of the round, the opponents thoroughly study each other’s technique and look for loopholes in the defense. Krzysztof works more actively with his shield and legs (even though he is almost two meters tall!). At any Krzysztof's attempt to bring the opponent to the throw, Naizov frees himself and gets up distance again, obviously deciding to continue fencing. The Pole's technique becomes noticeably more confident and aggressive. Krzysztof's bundles of strikes are longer than Maxim's, and he enters clinches more often. At one moment of a very active clinch, the fighters fall, and the Pole is on top, but Maxim does not allow him to implement finishing off. Right after it Szatecki presses Naizov to the list and clicks on his legs. Maxim's fall and a series of finishing strikes from Krzysztof complete the clinch. A little later, Krzysztof did a great job on Maxim's legs while he was trying to headlock the Pole, then he abruptly takes the initiative and makes a takedown of his rival, landing on top. Maxim in a few seconds also makes a clear throw of Szatecki, who, rolling over, quickly rises and rushes at the offender, once again falling on top of him, but again without finishing off. In the end of the fight Szatecki gets up speed, and Naisov is visibly tired and begins to miss hits. A clinch follows a clinch, but it is obvious that they are much easier for the Pole and they are more effective for him. In the last 15 seconds of the fight, Szatecki conducts a final explosive attack and deservedly earns victory in this beautiful fight!

CHAPTER 7. How to choose proper weapon

Ilia Dragan – Vyacheslav Mishurin (2019, «WARRIOR»)

It was supposed to be a duel of two fighters with polearms. But at the last moment Dragan changed his mind and...hmmm... very discouraged everyone, coming with a shield and a falchion against Mishurin's glaive. Ilia logically chooses the technique of frequent clinches, so that the glaive's owner simply can not turn around. Vyacheslav quickly got his bearings, began to block Dragan's hands and push him away, immediately realizing a long distance with precise strikes of the glaive. But Ilia does not allow him to make more than a couple of swings, and enters the clinch again, so that Mishurin can only work with his fists. Ilia tries to headlock Vyacheslav, and after several attempts he succeeds and makes a throw of Mishurin. Replacing glaive with a two-handed axe in the second round also did not bring Vyacheslav an advantage on points. Ilia constantly enters the clinch, in which he likes to use his advantage - the length of his legs. Mishurin falls and loses his weapon later. In the third round, Vyacheslav takes his glaive again, and Ilia changes the falchion for a one-handed axe and begins to work actively with the shield. At some point, Vyacheslav even stops resisting. Ilia relaxes for a second, and this second is enough for Mishurin to take Dragan down, who, falling, blocks his glaive. Vyacheslav frees it, but manages to deliver only one blurred hit to the opponent. Ilia immediately tries to bring the opponent to the throw, stumbles over the glaive and falls to his knees, but quickly rises and in the last clinch works with an axe. Well, the choice of weapons dictated the obvious victory of the Moldavian.

CHAPTER 8. The fights doesn’t end after injuries

Eugeny Bedenko – Marсin Janiszewski (2018, «WMFC Ultimate: Poland vs World»)

Bedenko is a master of the Kaliningrad fighting school, and Janiszewski is a representative of the classical old Polish school, the basics of which were taught to him by his father. Fighters move very dynamically in the arena. Bedenko conducts an attack, there is a polite exchange of strikes. The fighters clash for two or three seconds and then diverge. Marсin is more active with his shield. A feature of the light-weight fight is the speed of strikes and the quickness of movement in the arena, which sometimes makes the audience dizzy. It is noteworthy that until the middle of the second round, we do not see a single clinch or work at close distance for more than three seconds. Marcin begins to put his legs to work. And in the third round Bedenko slightly stumbles, and Janiszewski immediately decides to take advantage of it, rushing into the attack. But Eugeny instantly regains his balance, moves away from the hit and headlocks his opponent, simultaneously clicking him on the legs. The judge separates them, and again begins a series of short and violent skirmishes, but now much more frequent. It should be noted that for Eugeny that was the first profight after the both legs injuries received in 2017 at the Battle of the Nations in Spain, and he brilliantly coped with the task, winning this fight and demonstrating the beauty and effectiveness of the Kaliningrad school.

CHAPTER 9. The importance of realizing all your advantages

Roman Zuev – Andrey Beliy (2014, «Blood and Thunder»)

From the first seconds of the fight, the opponents dive into fencing, but Roman, like a true nestling of «Bayard» nest, keeps the distance, and Andrey, on the contrary, increasingly tries to reduce it by actively adding leg's work. Andrey gets tired quite quickly and slows down, Roman feels it and starts circling around his rival, constantly attacking like an angry wasp. Both fighters like to attack with a shield, but Andrey’s shield is longer, and Beliy is taller than Zuev himself, but he does not realize this advantage. On the next strike of Beliy in the body of Zuev, the latter snaps back with the same strike in response: «Look, I also can do it!» Despite the fact that Andrey is trying to lock Roman's head and impose close fight on him, «Bayard» fighter clearly follows the precepts of the party, or rather the club: fencing comes first! But at the same time, he gives his head to the opponent quite easily, Beliy uses it, bringing Roman out on the throw, fixing and clicking on his legs. In the second half of the fight, Beliy seems to get a second wind: inspired by the success of the last round, he blocks Roman in the corner and begins to work on his body with his legs and shield, without meeting the slightest resistance. Roman's fatigue is also transmitted to his sword, which suddenly breaks. Having changed weapons, Zuev begins to circle around Beliy, not letting him near him. And Andrey begins ... catching him! But Roman doesn’t let him do it. As a result, constant movement and precise technique prevail over explosive attacks and wrestling – the victory of Roman Zuev.

CHAPTER 10. The importance of not giving up until the very end

Michael Morgulis – Maxim Yun (2016, «Valor and Honor»)

This fight is definitely worthy of a separate Chapter of our manual as a canonical fight of rivals who use excellent fencing techniques, and wrestling techniques, and speed, and clinches, and... in general, it is a fight where all means are good! This time Yun also does not cheat on his girlfriend-saber. Without thinking twice, the fighters rush into each other's steel arms, and in a few seconds Yun takes Morgulis down, spectacularly landing on top. Interestingly, although Maxim is lighter than his opponent, he initiates captures and clinches more often than Michael. And now another wrestling ends with takedown of Morgulis on the grounds. The fighters decide to devote the second round completely to wrestling. And in the third round, Morgulis becomes noticeably more aggressive, Yun constantly moves away, but at one point he manages to lock Michael's head and hang on to him for a while. Michael tries to pin Maxim to the boards, but Maxim manages to run away. But the Israeli still catches him in the corner, grabs him and makes a takedown. Yun is not lost, in the next clinch he locks the head of Morgulis, but the Russian loses the undershield glove. After repairing Maxim decides to continue what he has started, locks Michael's head, and after a few seconds, they simultaneously fall on the grounds. In the last seconds of the fight, Michael throws the opponent, but there is no time left for a full-fledged finishing off. The Israeli manages to make up for the advantage lost at the beginning of the fight and tip the scales in his own direction – the victory of Michael Morgulis.


If you don't see your favorite fight in this list – no problem: just leave a comment whose profight in the whole history of WMFC is the most memorable for you, and we will definitely write about it. And you can do even better write your own version of the top 10 WMFC profights!

Written by: Maria Malakeeva

Video by: Yurijful Medieval CanalWMFC knightsCezary Weber.

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