• Denis Medvedev


Do you want to feel like an MMA fighter or a boxer? WMFC gives you such a chance by introducing a new scoring system and takes another step towards the status of HMB as an official sport!

After all, any official sport should have a coherent and logical rating system. So we decided not to wait for global changes, but to modernize our system now, taking as a basis the ELO rating system, which is well known to MMA and Boxing fans.

The first step was to unite Pro League and First Class League into a single ranking. As a result, the fighters got much more opportunities to meet each other in a duel and get the coveted points.

The next step was to create a completely new scoring system, the main meaning of which is reduced to one simple idea: the more cool fighter you win, the more points you get!

The number of rating points which fighter receives for winning a fight and loses in case of defeat depends on the following factors:

– initial difference in ratings between a fighter and his opponent;

– the number of rounds and their duration, as well as the duration and number of rests between rounds;

– the number of points (VP) earned by the fighter and his opponent in the fight.

I want more points!

The ideal situation is if a fighter defeats an opponent who exceeds him in the rating. If a fighter defeats an opponent who is lower than him in the rating, then he, without a doubt, is also cool, but will get much less points than the fighter from the previous situation. The greater the difference between the starting ratings of fighters, the less the owner of the higher rating gets in case of his victory.

IMPORTANT! (yes, Michail, this is for you!)

If the difference between the rivals' starting ratings is equal to or more than the average arithmetic value between the rivals' ratings, and this difference is equal to or exceeds 2000 points, then the holder of the higher rating will not receive any points at all if he win!

Yes, there are those who have only gods standing higher in the ranking. Yes, there are Champions who do not yet have potential rivals. Well ... Wait until a worthy rival appears, fight, pull your opponents up to your level and be content with little (for now!).

Dangerous innovation

Another innovation of the system is that according to the new rules, the losing fighter loses as many points as the winner gets. So yes, the loss has become more palpable, and the fighter should now think twice and evaluate his strengths before the challenge or going to the Donjon Cup.

Well, now about the joyous: it is still impossible to fall below 0 points in the rating!

We are convinced that the unified ranking will help fighters perform more often and effectively both in profights and in tournaments, and the new scoring system will reflect the true position and movement of fighters according to the WMFC rating!

Tournament "WARRIOR": fights and numbers

Contractual fights

Robert Szatecki – Ivan Vasilyev

From the first seconds of the fight, it became obvious that it was a duel between two professional fencers. After a minute Robert broke the strap of the shield - Ivan got +3 points. And after replacing the equipment, Ivan immediately took Robert down, and it seemed to anger Robert, who immediately went on an active offensive, working both with a shield and a sword, while Ivan only snarled with an axe in response.

In the second round, Ivan dropped Robert three times in a row, but these were so-called takedowns, which did not give +3 (as clean throws), but only +1 point, and they took a lot of effort – this is what we see in the example of Vasiliev, who obviously began to choke after these techniques, the blows became slower, Ivan began to miss significant rival's strikes. And when Robert, in turn, knocked him down and immediately began to deliver finishing strikes, this apparently further disoriented Ivan. The second round remained for Robert.

The pole spent the last round circling quickly around the opponent and clicking. It is clear that a one and a half minutes rest was not enough for Vasiliev to recover his strength, and he gave the third round to Robert.

We all, of course, cheered for Ivan! But just think about Robert: alone, without support, viewers rooted for the Russian... And after all he won, which, without any doubt, is worthy of respect!


Robert Szatecki +979 points

Ivan Vasilyev -979 points

Ilia Dragan – Vitaly Gryzlov

It was a fight for the Belt and the Title of WMFC Champion in heavy weight, where everything was used to strike: swords, shields, legs, arms, heads, anything! A minute and a half after the start of the first round - takedown Gryzlov by Dragan, but without finishing off. Vitaly immediately rises and reduces the distance, going into the clinchs. The first round did not reveal a leader.

In the second round, Dragan's visor breaks – +3 points goes to Gryzlov. Vitali keeps the pace, and Dragan gradually slows down, which allows his opponent to take this round confidently.

In the third round there was a pure fight. Gryzlov throws Dragan, but Ilya quickly gets back on his feet. Now it is not enough for Vitaly to use only a sword and a shield – the lists' posts were used, against which he methodically byted the rival's head. A minute before the end of the fight, Dragan throws Gryzlov and closes the gap in points with finishing strikes. After the Marshal finally releases Gryzlov's helmet from the chains, he stands up and continues to attack Dragan as if nothing had happened. And Ilya, apparently, gave the last strength for the finishing off after the throw. In the viscous clinches, half a minute before the end of the round, Ilya leans and hangs on the lists' post. And 5 seconds before the end of the fight, we see how Dragan's sword gets under Gryzlov's aventail, on his bare neck! Apparently, according to some, at the end of the fight all means are good…


Vitaly Gryzlov +15 points, Belt and Title of WMFC Champion in a heavy weight

Ilia Dragan -15 points

Maksim Ianishevskii – Alexander Nikitin

In this fight, no doubt, the difference in the height and weight of the rivals played a role.

In the first round, Max makes a bet on fencing – the only correct decision in a fight with an opponent – the candidate for master of sports in MMA, and even heavier than himself. At first, Nikitin succumbed to the technique imposed on him, but then decided "enough" and switched to fighting. And Max quickly began run out of breath. But it feels like the first round was left for Ianishevskii.

Less than a minute into the second round, Alexander threw Max, straddled him and delivered a series of crushing blows to the head. When you fall, the opponent falls on you with all his weight, and then begins to change the form of your helmet by strikes – this is very, very unpleasant, believe me. But Max stood up and continued to snap punches both remotely and in clinches. And then Nikitin takes him down for the second time. Max got up with difficulty... and a minute before the end of the round-the third takedown Max by Alexander. They lied down, rested and went back to fight! Only Nikitin attacks now. In the second round, Nikitin has the advantage.

The third round did not take place – a clear victory of Nikitin.

Now let's remember what we said at the beginning of the article: «…If the difference between the rivals' starting ratings is equal to or more than the average arithmetic value between the rivals' ratings, and this difference is equal to or exceeds 2000 points, then the holder of the higher rating will not receive any points at all if he win!». Ianishevskii's starting ratings is 100, Nikitin’s – 2850. That is why they got the following results for the fight:

Maksim Ianishevskii 0 points

Alexander Nikitin 0 points

Iaroslav Rusanov – Vyacheslav Mishurin

Let's see what a difference in height of 26 cm can do with equal weight…

From the very beginning of the fight, each polearm's master demonstrates his favorite blows: Rusanov – to the fingers, Mishurin – to the legs. By the way, it should be noted that, despite the school of Alexey Bru Nayderov, Rusanov practically does not work by the reverse side of the halberd, unlike Mishurin!

Compared to the fights of swordsmen, duels of fighters with polearms are much less mobile. During the first two rounds, both fighters kept their distance and exchanged rare blows. We saw the first clinch only in the third round. Here Iaroslav made full use of his advantage in height: his kicks reached Mishurin, but not in reverse! And, starting from this moment, the clinches began one after the other, and 15 seconds before the end of the fight Rusanov made a takedown of Mishurin and struck a series of finishing blows.

All three rounds were left for Rusanov – a confident victory for the Saint Petersburg man!


Iaroslav Rusanov +137 points

Vyacheslav Mishurin -137 points

Vyacheslav Levakov – Lukasz Kowal

It was a fight for the Belt and the Title of WMFC Champion in middle weight.

Despite the fact that Levakov is 18 kg lighter than Kowal, within half a minute after the start of the fight, Vyacheslav makes a takedown of the rival and finishes him off. Lukasz quickly realizes that Slava will simply re-fencing him and starts to cut the distance. And in the first long clinch Kowal blocked Levakov all oxygen, did not allow him a finger to move – here where the difference in weight categories affected. After Lukasz jumped up on Vyacheslav for a long time, the judge separated them, but a second later we see a new clinch and throw of Levakov by Kowal and the finishing off him. It is interesting that almost all of his clinches Kowal leads to capture the head of the rival – a tactic of the obvious buhurtsman. Kowal takes the first round.

In the middle of the second round, a long clinch begins (almost till the end of the round), where the Englishman dominates all the way long and as a result makes a takedown of Levakov. It exhausted Vyacheslav very much. So Lukasz also takes the second round.

Half a minute after the start of the third round, Kowal makes a takedown of Levakov, who easily gives his head away. Immediately after that, without losing the pace, Vyacheslav responds in the same way - makes a takedown and finishes off from the dominant position. But now the clinches are becoming more like hugs that are stopped by a ruthless judge. They were both tired. With the last of his strength at the end of the fight, Levakov makes a takedown of Kowal, but it does not bring him victory. The third round was a draw. As a result of the fight, the victory goes to the Englishman.


Lukasz Kowal +1003 points, Belt and Title of WMFC Champion in a middle weight

Vyacheslav Levakov -1003 points

Anastasia Meshcheryakova – Marina Golovina

From the very beginning, the girls showed a very active fight. Marina often goes into clinches, Anastasia does more fencing. The first round goes for Meshcheryakova.

The second round began as dynamically as the first one, and in the middle of the round clinches began, the first of which ended with the takedown of Anastasia by Marina. As a result of it, Meshcheryakova's knee flew off – so Marina got +3 points. The second round goes to Golovina.

In the third round, Marina again rushed into the clinches, but Anastasia broke away all the time and continued to score points until the end of the fight. With a minimal gap, Meshcheryakova won.


Anastasia Meshcheryakova +901 points

Marina Golovina -901 points