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What steps "Zaraysk Warrior's Gathering" made to world domination and who got the world title in the Middleweight category?

The ninth "Zaraysk Warrior's Gathering", which thundered last weekend, set a goal to reach the international level. Said – done! And among participants, besides frequent guests of the Russian tournaments – Kazakhs, we could see the representatives of Great Britain, Israel, Spain, Sweden and even China. Moreover, this year the organizers announced the tournament as Buhurt Challenger in the Buhurt League system. The first day was held under the auspices of mass battles and ended with the following results:

«Battles of the yards» (5х5):

1st place: Bear Paw

2nd place: Bayard

3rd place: Patriot

But the "fives" were too few for fighters, and almost after it there was a fight "Battle of the alliances", where the confident victory was gained by team of the club Bern.

The second day was decorated with bright full-contact duels, where the places were distributed as follows:

Light Weight

1st place: Roman Zuev

2nd place: Cristian Bernal

3rd place: Yang Huiyong

Middle Weight

1st place: Lukasz Kowal

2nd place: Michael Morgulis

3rd place: Raphael Namazov

Super-Heavy Weight

1st place: Aider Kadyrov

2nd place: Artyom Goryunov

3rd place: Vsevolod Vlasov

In addition to single duels two profights were held during the tournament, one of which brought on the lists one of the most experienced fighter among women Alena Anisimova and the champion of "Battle of the Nations" of this year in the categories "Sword-Shield" and "Triathlon" Alina Lappo. The victory went to Alena Anisimova.

And the main decoration of the festival was the title fight for the Belt of the Middleweight champion according to WMFC between Lukasz Kowal – the representative of the top English team "White Company", and Michael Morgulis – the captain of the Israeli team "Iron Dome". Belt went to the shores of Foggy Albion, but how long will it stay there – it's up to the fighters, who can challenge Lukasz at any moment and try to take away his award and the title of World Champion in the Middle Weight. Yes, it is hard to get the Belt, but to keep it is even harder!

Thousands of people watched the battles, from young to old. Three huge stands, located on the slopes, just could not accommodate all the spectators, who didn't became puzzled and sat right on the soft sloping grass, furiously supported favorite fighters and teams.

If someone was tired of the fury of the battle, he went to rest to the river, on the shore of which stood the mighty wooden Kremlin, which received guests of the festival as a welcome hospitable host. And it was truly hospitable: we fed simply to the slaughter! Delicious mead flowed like a river!

The hearing of the audience was pleased with the wonderful musical groups "Navazhdenie" (The, "Amanna Dorcha" and "La Verden" led by the good old "Black Coffee", and the culmination of the action was a real feast and a stunning beauty salute!

Yes, everyone could see with their own eyes that the multi-century festival Zaraysk Warrior's Gathering has grown in comparison with last year both quantitatively and qualitatively, and rightfully took a prominent place in the calendar of medieval events of the HMB-world. And we can only guess what the organizers will present to us next year, which will be the tenth, anniversary for the festival. One thing is for sure – there will be something really enchanting!

See you in Zaraysk!

Written by: Maria Malakeeva

Photo by: Lukasz Kowal, Vladimir Shtainer, Maria Malakeeva, Instagram #aishafoto, Zaraysk Warrior's Gathering”, Alyona Anisimova, Denis SK, Piotr Chirkov, Nikolay Ryabukha.

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